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Live Your Life Wildly sticker

Live Your Life Wildly sticker

Sitkas & Seas

Made in BC Sight Made by women

On the coast we live our lives wildly, choosing adventure and time in the outdoors. This sticker is the perfect west coast accessory to put on your bumper, Hydroflask, or laptop! 

Sitkas & Seas was born in the outdoors, in the overgrown forest paths of the north shore, and the rugged coastline of Vancouver Island, slowly artwork was created by Jennifer to honour the nature of British Columbia, to share the simplicity and intense beauty that surrounds us in the place we call home.

✔ Die Cut vinyl
✔ Glossy Finish
✔ Weatherproof up to 5 years
✔ No packaging
✔ 3.5"

Take a moment to adventure, stay wild, and explore the natural beauty around you.

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