Carole owner of Pinecone Box


Welcome! I'm Carole, the owner of Pinecone Box. Some might call me crazy for embarking on another business venture, but I'm no stranger to diving into new fields. My initial foray into entrepreneurship was with a tiling and general contracting company, despite lacking experience in the field. After a challenging learning process, the business thrived and remained bustling. Thirteen years later, I took the plunge into a different industry, venturing into a small-scale food production enterprise that I eventually sold with success in 2022. After taking some personal time, I decided to launch Pinecone Box as an online business.

Dads workshop


Growing up, my parents were always making something. Whether it was baking from scratch, sewing, crafting, or building, something was always being created with their hands. Raised in large Cape Breton families, it was in their blood to provide for their families. 

My mom baked, cooked, sewed, crocheted, and crafted, not to mention kept five kids in line. Dad usually spent most of his free time building something in his workshop (which he built himself). His artistic wooden features, that moved with the wind, filled our garden. He also made beautiful pinecone wreaths that he gifted and sold at church bazaars. I still have mine 35 years later, still in mint condition. I know he put a lot of time and love into making these holiday treasures. As kids, we collected pinecones, so there was always a large stock for his craftwork. I always referred to him as Papa Pinecone.

Slate stone installation with a feather


Only years later, after leaving home, I began appreciating the care and work that goes into creating something with your hands. I am proud of the work ethic and creativity that my parents imparted to me.

I have also learned to respect those with the skills and tenacity to make a living and share their handcrafted art. The vision for Pinecone Box is to introduce these small businesses creating beautiful, useful products to a broader audience. My job is to source these creators and promote their unique products on our online shop.

So, whether it is woodworking, pottery, or baked cookies, think of the work behind everything and know you are supporting someone's hard work and dreams.

When I am not boxing up gifts, you will likely find me on the trails on two wheels or skinny skis. I reside in beautiful Canmore, AB with my partner, Peter and cat named Pintxo ♥

  • photo of parents

    In honour of my parents ♥

  • pinecone wreath

    Inspiration for the business name

  • wooodworker windmill

    One of my faves in our backyard growing up.