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Indigenous Box

Indigenous Box

Pinecone Box

Made in AB Made in BC handcrafted Smell

We sourced these beautiful items from Indigenous Artisans from Manitoba to British Columbia. All items were written, handpoured, painted and hand crafted by these talented artists.

This box includes:

✔ Handmade Dream Catcher
✔ Prairie Spirit Greeting Card Print (picture may vary)
✔ Wildrose Cranberry Candle
✔ Wild Mint Sage Soap
✔ Every Child Matters Sticker

Plus Choice of:  

✔ Book 'From the Ashes' OR
✔ Silver Hammered Earrings with bead (bead may vary)

(If you would like both the book and earrings, click on links to add one or the other to your cart.)

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