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Every Child Matters | Orange Hand Sticker

Every Child Matters | Orange Hand Sticker

Art by JFM

Made in AB Sight Touch Made by women
Every Child Matters | Orange Hand

Jadyn - Art by JFM an Indigenous female artist who creates stationery items and beaded work. She designs, prints and packages most of her products in her home office. She also makes modern greeting cards and durable vinyl stickers. Her designs reflect a modern, punny style and a lot of her styles incorporate her puppy Mila the Mini Dachshund in them. She aspires to create paper goods that not only add joy and fun into people's otherwise ordinary products but also have an educational aspect to them. A specific item Jadyn sells is the hand sticker collection that is used to educate on Indigenous ways of knowing and a portion of sales also is donated to the Legacy of Hope foundation.

✔ Exterior Grade Vinyl Die Cut Sticker
✔ Perfect for laptops, water bottles, iPads, etc
✔ 1.93" x 2"

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