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Tibi Leashes

Tibi Leashes

Tibi Leashes

Made in AB handcrafted Made sustainable
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Introducing Tibi Leashes, a small company founded by Kobi, who proudly carries his Swiss clan name. With a commitment to quality and functionality, Tibi Leashes offers a range of expertly crafted dog leashes. These leashes are designed without melted hard ends or bulky connectors, resulting in a comfortable grip and convenient portability. They can easily be folded and stored in a pocket, ensuring practicality on the go.

Kobi, a retired mountain guide originally from Switzerland, has a heartfelt desire to contribute in his own way by creating practical items. His specialty lies in crafting custom-made dog leashes, meticulously hand-spliced right here in Canmore, using high-quality Canadian-made rope. His range includes fixed-length leashes, as well as three types of adjustable length leashes, long running leashes, and other specialty leads.

If you have any questions or can't find exactly what you're looking for among the available options, feel free to reach out and we will send Kobi an email. He will make every effort to create something tailored to suit you and your dog's needs. Tibi Leashes provides various options to cater to different needs: fixed-length leashes; three types of adjustable length leashes; long running leashes, and specialty leads.

Ropes are approx. 70"/180 cms. and 150grams.

(Please note that Tibi Leashes does not offer retractable leashes.)

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